Octaspring® TECHNOLOGY

Breathable foam Octasprings provide unmatched levels of comfort, support, and flexibility across your entire body for a healthy, restful sleep. Patented Octasprings dynamically conform to the contours and movements of your body resulting in restful, undisturbed sleep.

The DORMEO® difference

it's simply a better spring!

PATENTED OCTASPRING® TECHNOLOGY combines only the best of metal springs and memory foam to make a better spring!

OPEN: Octaspring Technology’s unique structure provides greater comfort, support and ventilation.

BREATHABLE: Our open, honeycomb structure is naturally breathable and allows movement AND air ventilation in all directions.

REVOLUTIONARY: Head-to-toe support and the perfect resistance for ease of movement with our Octaspring Technology and patented body-zoned construction.

INNOVATIVE: Head-to-toe support and the perfect resistance for ease of movement.

Think of an Octaspring as a honeycomb of comfort.
luxurious, dynamic sleep surface

The final result is a luxurious, dynamic sleep surface, up to 8X more breathable than memory foam.

Are you ready to sleep better?
Improve your sleep and the rest of your life will follow.

The Dormeo ® mattress with Octaspring ® Technology is the most advanced mattress on the market. Experience a better night’s sleep you won’t find anywhere else. The Dormeo mattress with breathable, patented all foam springs provides all the benefits of spring technology and the cradling comfort of memory foam for your best night’s sleep.

In each DORMEO® Mattress, hundreds of Octasprings are assembled into seven layers of comfort -- softer for your head, more supportive for your hips and thighs.

No pressure points, just equally distributed weight, adapting to each sleeper’s body weight with custom support. The final product is flexible, breathable and cool. 8X more breathable than a memory foam mattress, in fact. Octasprings are like nothing you’ve ever felt before -- game-changing sleep technology that will revolutionize the way you rest.

Award Winning Technology

Patented Octaspring® Technology, first introduced in mattresses to provide healthier sleep through increased comfort, ergonomic support and ventilation is now taking the aviation industry seating by storm!

Octaspring Technology is the winner of the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award (April 2017) recognizing outstanding new aircraft cabin products and concepts. As part of the Octaspring aircraft seat, the Octaspring took top honors thanks to its improved comfort, better breathability, and up to a 30% reduction in cushion weight - a key breakthrough that will help operators save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Winning the award has signposted Octaspring as a key innovation in the future of the aviation industry. We are proud that, not only will people continue to experience the comfort of Octasprings in their beds with our Octaspring mattress range, but also now in the airways! 

Dormeos Award Winning Technology for Aircraft
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